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Patrick Plummer's Portfolio - Poolside

its al over. Heres my degree work at the uwe show

a little editorial thing i did recently for Sustain


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Let yo feet breath - Personal work

Patch Plummer / Illustrator - SomeNiceFriends

Pizza time! Printing some bits for my degree show

Artist Spotlight: Patch Plummer

Paint the town red, some more sketchbook doodllets. 

sketch book page - jus de toilette

Our section of the studio needed a name so I’ve knocked up this little sign so people can’t miss us. #penis land #sign writing #handmade #type

After a few fizzy guzzlers its near impossible to pass this place with out punching one of their infamous burgers through your face. 

The finished print, was fun drawing this really small and blowing it up big. Also a rare chance to see my infamous hip wiggle.

Available here 

Collaborated with Tom Deason on this poster for the event LILA at All Hallows Hall in Easton, Bristol on friday 4th April. Really looking forward to this night, not to be missed ! More info if you click on the event !

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smoker test for a series of beermats im making

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