Patch Plummer Illustration Instagram: @patch89

Little piece to accompany a Steve jobs quote in a publication im working on 

Little part of some stuff im working on at the moment.

The print that accompanies my deckchair. 3 colour A2 screenprint. 

"Sushi Grade" - T-Shirt

Heres my 100% Theft proof ‘Everwet’ deckchair. Never loose your chair on busy beaches again 

Patrick Plummer's Portfolio - Poolside

its al over. Heres my degree work at the uwe show

a little editorial thing i did recently for Sustain


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Let yo feet breath - Personal work

Patch Plummer / Illustrator - SomeNiceFriends

Pizza time! Printing some bits for my degree show

Artist Spotlight: Patch Plummer

Paint the town red, some more sketchbook doodllets. 

sketch book page - jus de toilette

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